Thursday 18 July
Jul 5, 2017 @ 8:56

Why super-rich are spending billions to live forever


The Emily Hill investigates the booming immortality industry and asks if one day money might not just buy you the best things in life, but life itself

Imagine a world in which you?re 90 years old and nowhere near middle-aged. An app on your phone has hacked your DNA code, so you know exactly when to go to the doctor to receive gene therapy to prevent all the diseases you don?t yet have.

A microchip in your skin sends out a signal if you?re at risk of developing a wrinkle ? so you step out of the sun and hotfoot it to your dermatologist.

Every evening you sync your brain-mapping device with The Cloud, so even if you were caught up in a fatal accident you?d still be able to cheat death ? every detail of your life would simply be downloaded to one of the perfect silicon versions you?d had made of yourself, ensuring you last until at least your 1,000th birthday.

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