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Jan 8, 2018 @ 15:33

Nicole Coson holds first solo art exhibit


At last, recognition from Motherland.

The London-based artist daughter of SM Investments Corporation vice chair Tessie Sy-Coson is finally making waves in her Motherland.

Silverlens Gallery will be featuring nine large-scale monotype printmaking works of Nicole Coson in a solo exhibit. A first solo of Coson in the country, the show is titled ?Camouflage.?

?While Coson?s works are ultimately self-referential and inflected with their own gravity, they gesture at the aesthetics of subterfuge employed by expansionist power. It was in the country when American soldiers, wanting to quell the growing Philippine revolt, opted for khaki?in lieu of blue?uniforms. They would eventually strategize this color to become the skin of disguise and evasion, as ubiquitous as tanks and bombs during wartime. To disappear into the landscape is to disempower the enemy. To camouflage is to colonize.

In looking at these works, which depart from Coson?s earlier prints in their subtle subversion of their relationship with nature, the viewer is led to confront the flatness?and the bankruptcy?of mimicry, the signifying shapes that constitute it. In the Baudrillardian sense of the spectacle, the works foreground and intensify the signs in order to vivify the real they have replaced: the mottled, unfiltered, unmediated visible world. Her works?which are, in her own words, ?synthetic paradise?? recalibrate and refresh perception so that it may pierce into and inhabit new clarities. #nicolecoson#silverlensgalleries? @silverlensgalleries said.

We’re proud of you, Nicole. #

Something about 2017 being over

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