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Jan 18, 2018 @ 17:37

Duterte eager to cross paths with media oligarchs: Sampalin ko mga son of a bitch!


If you’re an oligarch who runs a media company,be sure never to cross paths with President Rodrigo Duterte if you value your health and you want to save your dignity.

Duterte revealed to reporters that he was eager to bump into their filthy rich owners so that he could cuss them out and slap them in the face.

“I would relish the day, I would be very happy, magkita tayo nang isang (araw) because I?d like to ask you one simple question. What that question is? Why are you a son of a bitch? Oo. Sabihin ko,?yan ang tanungin ko sa kanila. Why are you a shitting son of a bitch?” said Duterte in an interview with reporters.

Duterte said that if he met any of the media oligarchs, he’d slap them or wors, shoot them.

“I?m not threatening anything but I would relish the moment kung makita ko ?yan sa harap-harapan at sana nandiyan kayo para makita ninyo kung ano ang asta ng mga amo ninyo,” Duterte added.

Duterte advised reporters not to put all their trust in their owners who claimed that they were in the business not for profits and influence but for press freedom.

“Ilabas ninyo ?yang sa mga amo ninyo, kasi ilalabas ko ?yan. Ganun lang ‘yan. And you know what are they protecting? Their business,” said Duterte.

“Do not give me that shit about, truth about improving the Philippines. How do you improve the Philippines by what? Establishing a newspaper then hanging on to a property of government for so long? Making money out of it, paying no taxes? Is that what you want for the Philippines?” added Duterte.

Duterte was alluding to the Rufino-Prieto family who owned the Philippine Daily Inquirer and who were forcibly evicted from the state-owned land property in Makati City which they obtained in a sweetheart deal during the Marcos years and controlled through six presidents for what Duterte claimed was a pittance.

“Nagpapakalinis kayo Inquirer eh, ?yun pala mga magnanakaw kayo… Karami niyong skeleton in the closets. It?s a — it can contain almost a thousand warehouses. O ngayon, nakita mo kay Prieto. Alam ba ninyo ?yung kay Rufino? Noonpa ?yan. But did you know na wala ng rental eh sila-sila pa rin.,” he said.

“So it?s not a question of press freedom. It?s a question of abuse and protection by the elite of this country who hold the power. It?s about time that kayong mga mayaman, putang ina, huminto kayo kaka-abuso ninyo. Ginagamit ninyo ang media eh,” Duterte said.

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